October 22, 2012

Human Trafficking Film Series and Panel Discussion Q&A

A scene from Anjos do Sol
Stepanka Korytova (Magstadt), Ph.D., from the International Studies Program & Center for the Study of Global Change, discusses the films chosen and the selected topic of discussion for the human trafficking series.

1.    What inspired you to put together this series?

I think that I am able to reach more people through art than through a lecture. I hope anyway...

2.    How did you choose these particular films, Lilya 4 Ever and Anjos do Soul?

Professor Hashmanova, who will be one of the panelists on October 25 "HT in/and Media," has done a great analysis at a conference I went to at Ohio State University. She will be talking about that on the panel, so I wanted the audience to see the whole film. The other one I saw when I was in Brazil this summer, and I had thought that there was not enough coverage of trafficking in South America. Also, it shows how a soul of a person who is a survivor of trafficking is killed by the experience without being murdered physically.
  3.    How did you choose the panelists?
Well, I have answered my choice of Professor Hashmanova's selection. I met an undercover detective about 6 months ago, invited him to one of my classes, and I thought that he could address the issues of media's impact on trafficking, especially regarding the Super Bowl. The journalist from UK will add an international dimension to the program and will be able to talk about the (non) coverage of trafficking in human being in Europe.

4.    The panel is titled, “Human Trafficking and Media.” What role does media play in human trafficking?

Media plays a role of a double edge sword as it were - it focuses too much on Sex Trafficking - as it is a "sexy" topic, but it will not touch much of the other issues which are more controversial - labor trafficking as it conflicts with our policy on immigration, and it hardly ever touches on the issue of organ trafficking.

5.    What do you hope people take away from the program?

I am always interested in make people aware of the problem - a problem that exists also in the USA, in Indiana, and in Bloomington. Hopefully people will think about this more and make choices - looking at labels, educating others, and simply being aware.

The Human Trafficking Series takes place at IU Cinema and the IMU: 

Lilya 4 Ever: Tuesday, October 23, IU Cinema, 7:00 PM
"Human Trafficking and Media" Panel Discussion: Thursday, October 25, Maple Room IMU, 5:30 PM
Anjos do Soul (Angels of the Sun): Sunday, October 28, IU Cinema, 6:30 PM

Amber Hendricks
Themester 2012 intern

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