December 1, 2015

Themester Interns Final Projects: Interviews with Jessica Tym and Jordan Campi

The Themester photography interns for 2015, Jessica Tym and Jordan Campi, are tasked with creating final projects that showcase the work they have been accomplishing all semester.

Jessica Tym
senior Telecommunications major
What is your final Themester project about?
I am creating a slideshow of everything that Jordan and I have taken photos of for the Themester throughout the semester. Then I will choose the ones that are the most aesthetically pleasing and have a lot of student involvement. I will try to get a variety of photos from throughout the Themester.
How does your project differ from Jordan’s?
My project is more focused on the photography aspect, which I really enjoy, while Jordan took more of the videography path with her project.
Where can people find this slideshow?
It will be posted on the Themester website. This project is done every Themester by the interns so if you click on past Themesters there will be a slideshow like what I will be compiling. You can go back and see what events have occurred in past years and how this year's will be formatted.
Will this be difficult to create?
It is technically simple, but going through all of the photos is pretty time intensive.
How has it been to be the photography intern?
It has been really interesting to get involved more with campus and go to a lot of the events. The challenge is to get a variety of photos when many of the events are the same set up. My favorite event was in the theater department titled "Women at Work on the Musical", it was about the history of women in choreography. 

Jordan Campi
senior Telecommunications major
What is your final Themester project?
My final project is going to be a video titled something like “what is Themester” and the video will introduce the idea of Themester and prompt people to investigate more into the different opportunities it offers. It will encompass a lot of slow motion imagery with a background narration. I will try and incorporate all that Themester is and try to recruit a narrator to explain all of the different aspects.
Have you used video editing skills before in Themester?
No this is the first time but I am excited because I have taken a lot of classes on it. Also, I enjoy editing videos more than editing photos.
How is the photography internship through the Themester?
I liked it a lot actually, I love that it takes me to events that I might not have thought about going before. I have a lot of fun at the events and taking photos at them is just an extra bonus. My favorite event was the limestone carvers because it was really interactive. With this internship you get to practice your photography skills and it is really good practice to take pictures during an event. It is good practice to interact with your subjects as well. Plus, there are many opportunities work with different types of lighting.
Where will this video be available?
I hope that it will be available on the website, that is what I have been envisioning for the content to be sort of an entrance into the site and the program in general.

By: Allison Larmann, Themester Promotions Intern 2015