October 8, 2014

A Fabulous Evening

Beautiful art, soulful music, and self-expression all came together at the IU Art Museum’s MIX: Fabulous Food on October 2, 2014. Upon entering the grand foyer of the museum, we were invited to bring art to life by tapping into our inner artist and finding inspiration in food.

One table was devoted to the still life, a classic representation of food in the arts. The table was lined with a mix of statues, masks, and an array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Each artist’s interpretation was delightfully different, and groups of friends had so much fun comparing each other’s masterpieces.

Another table elevated the humble potato to a versatile tool with potato printing. It was fascinating watching one group carve their own designs into the potatoes and leave them for the next group, who could use or alter those designs for themselves. Many people remarked that they hadn’t done this since childhood, and wondered what had taken them so long to do it again!

There was also a table specifically for those artists with a sweet tooth – a cookie decorating station! Everyone could take a cookie and pick from any one of the brightly colored frostings that were offered to craft their cookie creations. They were too beautiful to eat – although that didn’t stop many.

During it all, there was beautiful music on the second floor that floated throughout the museum. Tours were given every 15 minutes, taking groups through the exhibits to point out pieces specifically suited to the Themester theme. Don’t worry if you missed the tour though, because the exhibits will remain up through the end of the fall semester.

It was clear from the atmosphere that everyone was having a wonderful time interacting with food and art in new and fabulous ways.

Laura Seifers
2014 Intern

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