November 9, 2015

Drug War Capitalism and Nicholas Greven

Nicholas Greven, a undergraduate student coordinated the "Drug War Capitalism" videoconference that brought people from around the world to debate issues of labor 
within the illegal drug trade. 

What interested you in making the "Drug War Capitalism" event in connection with the Themester? 
The event was made in connection with Themester because it dealt with how labor is
controlled and coerced through the war on drugs.

How do you think your Themester event went? 
It went well, there was lots of good discussion and connections made.

What was the audiences reactions to the panels? 
The audience found the panels very poignant and informative.

What are the direct connections to the issue of labor and work? 
It dealt a lot with undocumented immigration, and such immigrants make up a lot 
of the labor force. It also dealt a lot with prisons and police, which often function 
as mechanisms of labor coercion or incapacitation.

By: Allison Larmann, 2015 Themester Intern

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